Mimicry Maestro Padmasri
Dr. Nerella Venu Madhav

Hari Kishan is the Latest Signature in the History of Mimicry. When I attended his programmes, I remember my mimicry programmes , held 30 years back.
He performs according to latest trends. After my term, I feel it is the duty of Hari Kishan to take the art of Mimicry ahead for the future generations. He belongs to my school of mimicry.

World’s renown Hollywood Director Mr. Steven Spill Burg

Once in a film shooting, he got an opportunity to perform mimicry before Director Steven Spielberg at Universal Studios Los angels, U.S.A. At that time, Hari Kishan imitated a scene from Jurassic Park. Then the director patted on Hari Kishan’s shoulder and said:
To produce sound of Dinosaur, we used hundreds of musical instruments with vast sound output. But you produced the same with just vibrating your vocal cards. WoW !! . You are an extraordinary Mimicry artiste. You are Much, Much, Much more talented than anybody !!!

Legend Padmasri Dr. N.T. Rama Rao

" We were admired at your talent. You imitated my voice as I felt I were listening to my Voice. Excellent !”

Late Dr. Y.S. Raja Sekhar Reddy

"Excellent Hari Kishan, Where did u learn this art of mimicry?. it is so apt. I couldn't stop laughing. Congratulations and keep it up."

Chief Minister of A.P. Sri N. Chandra Babu Naidu

“Stunning performance !. Well done. !!”

Sri Amitab Batchan

“Great Harikishan, I am fortunate enough to watch such a great performance of yours. When you imitated my voice, I felt I was listening to my recorded voice. I never came across with such an excellent artiste”

Padma Bhushan Mega Star Dr. Chiranjeevi:

Hari kishan was introduced by comedian Mr. Brahmanandam to me once. As I asked him to perform something, he started imitating so many voices of film stars including peculiar and rare voices instantly. I was astonished at his performance. I watched his performances many a times. Harikishan is a great mimicry Artiste.

Dr. Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam

Harikishan is an extraordinary talented artiste. I appreciate his dedication and higher levels of creativity .

Renowned Comedian Dr. Brahmanandam

I like comedy very much. I found a very good artist in Hari Kishan. I always enjoy his performance. I am a big fan of him. Whenever there is a need of Mimicry programme, Mr. Harikishan strikes into my mind first. His educational background speaks in his performances. He does a lot of practice. He can mould himself and do modifications to his programme in no time according to the audience. Such a wonderful artiste he is. I wish him all the best.

Personality Development Trainer,Dr.B.V.Pattabiram

Hari Kishan did not come to this stage over night. He worked hard day and nights and came to this stage. God has given him such imitating power, very few artists have it. Harikishan performs with more action combined with fun.

Sri Mimicry Srinivas

Hari Kishan is naturally intelligent. A talented artist. He is capable of taking mimicry into new heights.

Sri Dr. C. Narayana Reddy

Hari Kishna is famous for his primary imitation, and he imitates not only the voice of persons, but also their body movements and expressions. In a very short period, he came to the peak stage. He created some new trends. His mimicry is like a medicine to boost up one's life span.