Mimicry School

Mr. Hari Kishna is conducting classes for youngsters on the style of imitation in the School started as a fitting salutation to his great friend, philosopher and guide Sri Venu Madhav.

Message to Youngsters and Parents :
I feel very sad at the deteriorating values of the art. And, my ambition is to spread mimicry. A lot of youngsters without much talent are coming into the field and are performing at various functions and on different television channels. They are getting a lot of focus, attention and encouragement from the media too. Participating in a private television channel and at a Government function are two different things all together - a lot of recognition and prestige are involved with the latter. One should understand that and not encourage "artificial" talents. These kind of things put off youngsters and their parents from encouraging the inherent, hidden and true talent. - Hari Kishan Interested Youngsters may contact.

Interested Youngsters may contact.