He became No.1 in Mimicry and well capable of performing in Telugu, English & Hindi. His way of mixing comedy stole the hearts of all the people who have an ear for mimicry.

With an observation of the surrounding situations, friends, near and dear, political persons and leaders and the news of media, and with his witty mind, moulds the current situations into his mimicry with a expertise touch to make the performance really wonderful.

Specialist in making class, mass, corporate people and on the spot situations, he makes changes in his performance and makes it lead to a good fun mixed mimicry.

Imitating the voices of noble persons, animals, vehicles is his special specialty. In addition to this he writes topics of his own which will be useful for the for the artists in the near future

Switching over to different voices one after the other in immediate succession turned easy to him by taking about ten minutes to imitate a person - to see whether the person's vocal chords match him. He set his vocal chords to that frequency so that he can vibrate them in the same frequency when imitating the persons.

Some Important Items are..
Jurassic Park
Budda Statue Scene
Imitation fun Cricket Match
Koun banega Karodpathi (peradi) etc.

Specialist in imitating scenes and dialogues like..
Mummy Hatari
Guns of Nava rang
Evil Dead
Jurassic Park
Mummy returns
Ten commandments

His Strengths are..
Spontaneity, Creativity
Instant imitation
Effective communications