Memorable Experiences

I stopped using medicines !!!
"Believe it or not Mr. Harikishan, I used to take 40 tablets per a day to maintain stable health because of my illness. After watching your "Navvithey Navaratnalu" programme in ETV regularly for some episodes I was advised by my doctor to stop using medicines. Healthy comedy enables good health too."

Once an 80 year old person told this to Mr. Harikishan with blessings.

Unforgettable Blessings
When he went to Rajahmundry for a Mimicry Programme, a female of 75 years age felt on the feet of Harikishan as expressing higher degree of respect. She told that she watches Harikishan's programmes regularly in TV and live which made her laughing like anything. She blessed as May God gives you Good health and age even by taking from myself and my family members.

I felt you were Dr. Rajasekhar reddy, CM of Andhrapradesh
While Mr. Harikishan was returning from Malaysia after his performance there, one lady told to her experience in watching Hari's TV programme. There was a programme used to telecast regularly in ETV called Dupes of Mr. Harikishan. Once he acted as Dr. Rajasekhar Reddy, CM of Andhrapradesh. That fellow passenger shared her experience as she watched that show and felt like he was CM of Andhrapradesh and felt sorrow at Rajasekhar reddy as he participated in such a comedy programme. She realised after some time that he is Mr. Mimicry Harikishan acted like him. She told Hari as he imitated Rajasekhar reddy 100 percent with voice, diction, gestures and mannerisms of him. She told as Hari is blessed by God by talent. She appreciated Mr. Harikishan a lot and gathered all her relatives and friends who were traveling in that flight around Hari. All they appreciated Mr. Harikishan in many ways.